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that's it. im not eating till halloween. i don't care if i die.
i can't keep on going up and down like a yo-yo.
i probably will have to quit soccer but this is more important.

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fasting until the 25th 162lbs? lets hope.
excersize 5days a week.
26th till the 29th 2468 diet.
the 2 days left. FAST.

that's for this month.

7-Weeks Plan

Weigh-in Saturdays
Week 1: 9/15 - 172lbs. BMI 26.9
Week 2: 9/22
Week 3: 9/29
Week 4: 10/6
Week 5: 10/13
Week 6: 10/20
Week 7: 10/27

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great. im back to 169lbs.
how? i have no fucking idea, i have not eating a thing,
 maybe muscle, maybe water.
let's hopeee.

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disappointed on myself of course.
im back to 181.
i have a week to lose 6lbs.
im fasting till the 31st.

omg i just found out im 5'8 (i might be wrong, im going to the doctor tomorrow to confirm.)
i have no idea how that happened but whatever.
that changes EVERYTHING a hell fucking lot.


Body Frame: Large
H: 5'7 =(
CW: 181lbs
BMI: 28.3 [holy shit]
LW: 155 lbs.
HW: 189lbs.
GW1: 175 (by Sunday)
GW2: 165
MGW: 150

Here's the plan peeps.

(Aug 26-31) Zero Calorie Intake- 175lbs. please?! BMI 27.4
(Sep 1-6) Zero Calorie Intake- 170lbs. BMI 26.6
(Sep 7-8) Zro Calorie Intake- 165lbs. BMI 25.1
(Sep 9-13) 5 day fast <50 cls. 160lbs BMI 24.3
(Sep 14-21) Calorie Intake ZERO. 150lbs?!? BMI 23.5

(Sep 22-25) 2468 Diet 140lbs. BMI 21.9
(Sep 26-30) <300 daily 135lbs. BMI 21.1SOOOO CLOSE!
(Oct 1-2) fasting. no change.
(Oct 3-6) 2468 Diet 130lbs. BMI 20.0
(Oct 7-9) fasting 125lbs. BMI 19.6
(Oct 10-13) 2468 Diet 120lbs BMI 18.8
(Oct 14-20)fasting 115 BMI 18.0 YEAHHH!
please God help through this,
please Ana give the strenght
please mind give me the will power
please body give me the control
please bones be my inspiration.
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